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The Novel Analyst Podcast

Welcome to the Novel Analyst podcast! I’m Jed Herne and each episode I analyse a story to help you become a better writer. My goal is to use the books I love to improve my own writing - and hopefully improve yours in the process! My own stories have been published or are forthcoming in The Arcanist, The Scarlet Leaf Review, Flintlock, and more. Tweet me @JedHerne. New episodes published every 2nd Tuesday at 8am Perth time.

Oct 30, 2018

10 - Mistborn The Final Empire - by Brandon Sanderson - Mastering the Grand Skill of Worldbuilding.

Sanderson is a master of creating compelling fantasy worlds. Mistborn is a perfect example - and it's one of the best novel's I've read this year. In this episode, I'll analyse different techniques Sanderson uses to craft an amazing world. 


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